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Letterboxing started in England, but can now be found all around the world. It is a neat way to get out and visit some places you might not normally go, or make places you do go more exciting. Basically, you are searching for a waterproof box that has been hidden (placed) by someone and then has posted clues to the letterbox. When you follow the clues and find the box, you stamp your journal, stamp the journal in the letterbox and re-hide the box.

All you need to letterbox is a personal stamp, a stamp pad, a pen or pencil, a compass and the clues to the location of the letterbox. (See the link below to clues in North America).

Letterbox Clues
For more information visit Letterboxing of North America Homepage.
Here is also a nice link to a page that contains on info sheet by Der Mad Stamper: Letterboxing Info Sheet
Webring with of lots of Letterbox Info

Please feel free to email us at any time for questions or information: hubfamlb@meganhubbard.com

Our Letterbox History

Letterboxes Found by The Hubbards (Travis, Megan, Troy and Zack)

Date FoundBox NameLocation
(click for link to directions)
Placed by / DateLast Date FoundOther Info
02.06.2005Claire Brooks Box #1Falmouth, VABobCat Crew 05.04.200210.2004This was our first letterbox!
02.06.2005Claire Brooks Box #2Falmouth, VABobCat CrewXBox was missing. We contacted the BobCat Crew and they went out and confirmed that the box IS gone.
02.06.2005Antietam BridgeFalmouth, VABobCat Crew 05.26.200210.2004This one has moved from it's orginal location at the Antietam Bridge.
03.06.2005The Bob BoxFalmouth, VABobCat Crew 11.15.200307.17.2004The was a hitchhiker in this box!!!! Li'l Vespa Scoot
03.06.2005Li'l Vespa ScootFalmouth, VATeam Green Dragon 12.22.200206.06.2004Hitchhiker from The Bob Box

Letterboxes Placed by The Hubbards (Travis, Megan, Troy and Zack)

Date PlacedBox NameLocation
(Click for link to directions)
Last Date FoundOther Info
11.06.2005Lake Frog Box Fredericksburg, VA n/aPlaced our first box on a beautiful sunny day!

Total Found: 4        Total Placed: 1

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Please read the Letterbox Disclaimer before engaging in any letterboxing activities.

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