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Directions to the Frog Lake Box


  • Rt. 17
  • At traffic light turn left from the north or right from the south onto Hartwood Drive.
  • (In 2.1 miles you will see an entrance to Curtis Lake Park, this is NOT the entrance you want).
  • Travel another 0.6 miles (total of 2.7) and turn right onto Stony Hill Road.
  • Go 1.6 miles and turn right into the parking lot at Curtis Lake Park.
  • Drive to the back of the parking lot and park near the metal gate.
  • The trail starts behind the gate.
  • Follow the trail along and you will end up on top of a dam.
  • Walk all the way across the dam.
  • Just as the trail starts to enter the woods, turn left walk along the edge of the woods for 15 steps.
  • Turn to your right and look into the woods. You are looking for a tree with a fork that starts about 6 feet off the ground.
  • With you back to the tree, look at compass heading 230 SSW (or to your left) and you should see a fallen tree 40 steps away.
  • Once you arrive at the fallen tree (you will be at the root end), walk along the right side of it until you come to a tree that has a slight bend in it as it comes out of the ground.
  • You will find the Lake Frog Box buried in leaves under the fallen tree at the level of this curved tree.
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