BACK UPDATE: I saw Dr. Matthews for my 1 year follow-up in Septmember. The rear part of the spine has completey fused, however, the front part shows only the beginning of new bone growth. He says this is normal since it's a larger space and assures me that everyone heals differntly. He has said it is OK to go back to just about everything, as long as I do it CAREFULLY, although I am still limited to lifting less than 50 pounds.
Comparison of Bone Growth

The x-ray on the left is the recent one...I have circled the "cage" and you can see that compared to the other one (which was taken right after surgery) that there are no longer holes...they have filled in with bone. Also, on the back side (I drew a black line) there is a pale white area which is bone growth that has filled in...there is still no bone in the front; it's a larger space and will take more time. (I am SURE you can all see exactly what I am talking about! LOL!)

ALIF L5/S1 Information:

  • containing information about the Anterior Lumbar Interverteral Fusion
  • great site about the surgery I had, plus a GREAT reference for people with back and neck pain :)
  • Dr. Hallet Mathews:This is the Doctor who did my surgery. An AMAZING surgeon with an incredible bedside manner!!! 

Date last modified: March 10, 2004